March 2023

You're So Golden  -- Designed by Lauren @ More Me Know

Get ShXt Done-- Sew--diac Label -- Designed by Josie @ More Me Know

Made with Luck -- Designed by Nancy @ Fabric Therapy

Be the Rainbow & The Gold -- Designed by Kayla @ Carolina Little Stitches

-- 1/8" DST Mini Roll & logo Sticker @ Weft + Warp Co. 


Sew-diac - Meet the Signs


-Aries is the first sign in the Zodiac, governing the period between March 21st and April 19th. It follows Pisces, and precedes Taurus. 

-Aries is a fire sign and is ruled by the planet Mars. 

-The symbol for Aries is the ram. It is based off of the flying golden ram Chrysomallus. In Greek Mythology, Chrysomallus rescued the two children of King Athamas and provided the infamous Golden Fleece. King Athamas was wed to Nephele, the cloud goddess of hospitality, generosity, loyalty, peace, and shyness. Nephele bore him twins - a son, Phrixus, and a daughter, Helle, before Anthamas became besotted with the princess Ino. After Athamas left Nephele and wed Ino, Ino hatched a plot to be rid of her stepchildren. Ino ruined all of the crop seeds so they would not grow and bribed the farmers to lie and say that the boy child, Phrixus, must be sacrificed before the crops would grow. Nephele sent Chrysomallus to rescue the children. Phrixus sacrificed the ram to Zues and gave its golden fleece to King Aeetes as a gift for taking him in. 

-Aries are brave, honest, and passionate, but they can also be moody and impulsive. They love being comfortable, but hate sitting idle. 

Famous Aries:

-Emma Watson

-Lil Nas X

-Reese Witherspoon

Your year: 2023 may not have started out as awesome as you hoped - your ruling planet, Mars, was in retrograde at the beginning of January. But the good news is the asteroid Chiron is traveling with your sign all year. This will help you work on some personal issues that may have been holding you back. Your family life may be complicated but this transit will help you heal. You don’t like to dwell on your feelings but addressing your pain can have a great effect, especially now. If you’re struggling, this is a great time to start therapy! Finally, pay attention in mid-April - there is a new moon AND solar eclipse in your sign, making it a great time to manifest what you want!


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