June 24

June 24

 Bon Voyage! -- Designed by Lauren @ More Me Know

Cancer Constellation -- Sew--diac Label -- Designed by Josie @ More Me Know

Who Needs Vacation -- Designed by Nancy @ Fabric Therapy

Drink More Water -- Designed by Kayla @ Carolina Little Stitches

Step Into The Daylight -- Designed by Josie @ More Me Know

Sewing String  -- Designed by Melissa @ Wizardry Stitchery & Crafts, LLC — Wizardry Stitchery & Crafts, LLC (geekyhardware.com)

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 Sew-diac - Meet the Signs


-Cancer is the fourth sign in the Zodiac, governing the period between June 22nd and July 22nd.. It follows Gemini, and precedes Leo. 

-Cancer is a water sign and is ruled by the moon. 

-The symbol for Cancer is the crab. In Greek mythology, the crab is based off of Krakinos, the crab sent by Hera to distract Heracles during his trials. 

-Cancer are tenacious and highly imaginative. They are loving partners, but can be moody and insecure. 

-Famous Cancers include Ariana Grande, Margot Robbie, Tom Hanks, and Princess Diana. 

Zodiac Crash Course

Lesson 5: Saturn

In Roman mythology, Saturn was the god of time, abundance, wealth, and agriculture, among other things. In astrology, Saturn is often referred to as "The Disciplinarian" and often brings structure to our lives. Saturn also defines how we respond to challenges and hold ourselves accountable. For example, those with a Saturn in Cancer may have felt a lack of safety or experienced tough love as a child. A Saturn in Cancer reminds us to be gentle with ourselves and vulnerable with others. 

Let us know if you relate to your Saturn!


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