June 2023

Happy You Exist -- Designed by Lauren @ More Me Know

Follow Your Heart, Cancer-- Sew--diac Label -- Designed by Josie @ More Me Know

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Sew-diac - Meet the Signs


-Cancer is the fourth sign in the Zodiac, governing the period between June 22nd and July 22nd.. It follows Gemini, and precedes Leo. 

-Cancer is a water sign and is ruled by the moon. 

-The symbol for Cancer is the crab. In Greek mythology, the crab is based off of Krakinos.  During the Seven Trials of Heracles, Krakinos was a crab that came to the aid of the Hyrda that Heracles was tasked with slaying. Legend states that Karkinos was sent by Hera to distract Heracles and give the hydra the upper hand. Karkinos pinched Heracles’ foot and was subsequently crushed. As a reward for giving its life to do Hera’s bidding, Hera placed Karkinos among the stars as the constellation Cancer. 

-Cancer are loyal and emotional. They are loving partners, but can be moody and insecure. 

Famous Cancer:

-Lana Del Ray

-Meryl Streep

-Ringo Starr

-Kevin Bacon

Your year: Because the moon is your ruling planetary body, full moons and lunar eclipses can have more of an effect on you. Pay attention to these events this year and use them to your benefit. Be sure to practice extra self-care during these times! Watch for material gain on June 5th, when Venus enters Leo. On June 26, the messenger Mercury enters Cancer, making it an excellent time to advocate for your needs. As the year ends, you may feel extra sluggish as Mercury enters retrograde on December 23rd. Be mindful and listen to what your body is saying it needs to prepare yourself for a new year. 


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