July 2023

July 2023

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Sew-diac - Meet the Signs


 -Leo is the fifth sign in the Zodiac, governing the period between July 23rd and August 22nd. It follows Cancer, and precedes Virgo. 

-Leo is a fire sign and is ruled by the sun.

-The symbol for Leo is the lion, based off of the Nemean lion in Greek mythology. The Nemean lion was a monster raised by Hera and sent to terrorize the city of Nemea. The lion had golden, impervious fur and incredibly sharp claws that could destroy any armor. Hercules was tasked to slay the lion as the first of his seven labors. Hercules trapped the lion in its cave and stunned the beast with his club before strangling it. He needed to skin the lion as proof he was successful, but struggled to pierce the fur. The goddess Athena took notice of Hercules’ struggle and advised him to use one of the lion’s claws to skin the pelt. After showing the pelt as proof that he completed the first trial, Hercules wore the pelt on his shoulders as armor. To commemorate this event, Zeus placed the lion in the sky as the constellation Leo. 

-Leo are bold, intelligent, and charismatic, but they can be boastful and intimidating. They make passionate partners.

Famous Leo:

-Princess Margeret

-Daniel Radcliffe

-Barack Obama

-Steve Carrell

-Anna Kendrick

Your year: 

Money is on your mind when Mars enters Virgo on July 10th. You are ready to fight to get ahead, both financially and emotionally. Mercury, the messenger god, will enter your sign on July 11th and make it easier to ask for what you want. Advocate for your needs and be patient! Allow the universe to receive your request and work its magic/ Venus enters Virgo on October 8, making it a promising day for good financial news. 

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